Motivational speaker Saeed Ahmed spell bounds Indian diaspora at Riyadh


International motivational speaker Saeed Ahmed captivated parents and students at Riyadh with his lecture on Effective Parenting at Red Onion Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia organized by Indian Education Forum.

Syed Saeed Ahmed is a prominent and inspiring motivational speaker in the Indian subcontinent, who is endowed with astounding spontaneity, incursive mind and a charismatic personality. He has conducted innumerable personality development programs all over India spanning its length and the breadth, for the student community, various stakeholders of the academic community related to the teaching-learning process, corporate sector, communities employed in highly stressed working environments and the class of pseudo-failures who are resigned to their fate. Being ranked among the top Indian motivational speakers.

The Indian Education Forum, Riyadh organized this lecture cum Interactive session, which was highly applauded by the attendees. The program started by recitation of verses from the noble Quran by Hasan Mansoor. Dr. Dilshad Ahmad, former Chairman of International Indian School Riyadh and the founder member of the Indian Education Forum elaborated his journey to the Forum and its usefulness to the students of all the ages. Being active in the field of education, he has brought many changes for the benefit of NRI students through the CBSE board. He welcomed the audience who are contributing to the education of their children through numerous efforts.

Later the Chief Guest of the evening Eng. Rashid Ali Sheikh, the well-known businessman and a philanthropist in Riyadh spoke on the true meaning of education. He stressed that real education is much more than the success in personal and professional life. He apprehended that people in modern society have narrowed down the meaning of education.

The keynote speaker of the event, Syed Saeed started his speech by a presentation on his work and achievement in various parts of India. He advised the audience how the parents should interact and engage with their children. He also emphasized connecting with the children for raising them with four important tips that can help the parents and children as well. Syed Saeed Ahmed concluded this thought-provoking seminar after the round for question and answer session.

Flower bouquets were presented to the dignitaries present on the dais. The master of ceremony was Abdul Ghaffar. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Salman Khalid, a dedicated member of the forum.

A memento was presented to the Syed Saeed Ahmed by the forum members Dr. Dilshad Ahmad, Salman Khalid, Shahzad Samdani, Isam Zaheer, Saadur Rahman and Shahzad Khan. Men, women and children attended the event. Office bearers of several Social, Educational, Cultural and Professional organizations graced the occasion. This event was highly appreciated by parents coming from different walks of life and demanded more such programs to be organized in the near future.


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