Riyadh Chapter of GCWT inaugurated with Imdad Ali as President


Gulbarga Charitable and Welfare Trust (GCWT) Riyadh Chapter was inaugurated by Syed Nasir Khursheed, who flew all the way from Jeddah for this event. He is the founder member and President of GCWT Jeddah Chapter. This glittering event was held at Al Mas Hotel, Riyadh where a large number of Gulbargavis attended it pledging their support to GCWT. The event started with the recitation of noble Qur’an by Yunus Khasdar followed by Naat presented by Mubeen Mulla. While Mohammed Imdad Ali, President GCWT Riyadh Chapter presided over the function. Dr. Sayeed Mohiuddin, President NRI Forum Riyadh, Sadat Ali, IT Manager,  Abdul Majeed Badruddin, Managing Director, Universal Inspection Co. Ltd., Senior Banker Abdul Khader Khaleefa, Shaikh Nooruddin, Purchasing Manager, Arabian Plastic Company were present on the dais.

GCWT was established in 2007 and registered with Government of Karnataka in the year 2009 by few NRIs of Gulbarga District (Karnataka) staying in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is non-profitable, non-political and non-religious organization working for the welfare of poor section of the society. The mission of Gulbarga Charitable and Welfare Trust ( GCWT ) is the development of the underprivileged section of the society regardless of caste, creed, religion and gender. It aims to change lives of such underprivileged people of our society by providing financial assistance in the field of education, health, marriages, self-employment, vocational training.

GCWT Riyadh Chapter team includes Mohammed Imdad Ali, President; Md. Muqtar Jagirdar, Vice President; Syed Azharuddin, Gen. Secretary; Mirza Abdul Khader Baig, Joint Secretary; Nawaz Ahmed, Treasurer and Md. Talha, Co-ordinator. Speaking at the event Khursheed briefly outlined the history, aims and remarkable achievements of GCWT. He said, 11 years ago the Gulbarga Charitable and Welfare Trust was started in Jeddah by a group of Gulbargavis under the leadership of Mirza Azam Baig, who is currently President of the registered trust in Gulbarga. It was established to help poor and needy people back home in Gulbarga, irrespective of caste, creed and religion, based on humanity, he reiterated.

He highlighted that soon GCWT would support qualified students to prepare for IAS, IPS exams. He congratulated and extended his best wishes to the newly formed Riyadh Chapter President and all Executive Committee Members to work for the community and sought the help of the experienced Gulbarga NRIs present here. Dr. Sayeed Mohiuddin, Abdul Majeed Badaruddin, Shaikh Nooruddin, Muqtadir Jagirdar and Abdul Khader Baig also spoke on the occasion. The vote of thanks was presented by Mohammed Azhar who was the event coordinator. The event concluded with gala dinner attended by the families of Gulbarga NRIs and guests.


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