William Bridges, President, Process Improvement Institute Inc., USA addressed IEF Jubail professionals


Jubail – Indian Engineers Forum, Jubail Chapter (IEF Jubail) as part of its professional development program conducted one more technical seminar on “Human Factors and Their Optimization”. The 31st of August 2019 evening at Hilton Garden Inn witnessed imperative features of qualitative and quantitative analysis of industrial plant safety and reliability incidents with key elements of strategic planning, project safety, effective channel communication and many others noteworthy parameters.

William Bridges, President of Process Improvement Institute Inc., USA delivered the presentation. He holds B.S. & M.S. in Chemical engineering from University of Akron, Ohio(U.S.A.), and outstanding 40+ years of experience comprising of Operations, Plant engineering & management; development and implementation of Process Safety Management (PSM) programs, and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training, and audits, etc. He holds ten (10) patents; has authored six (6) definitive textbooks, and published 60+ technical papers on process safety, root cause analysis and process improvement etc.

Deep insight into key elements of the subject, such as Role of human error in accidents, statistical limits of control of human error rates – adjusting rates for human factors, optimizing human factors, controlling habits, revisited blame to management systems failures, Independent Protection Layers(IPLs), and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) were delivered. Special emphasis was given on quality procedures to be written by end-users, and reviewed by engineers against the common practice of procedure writing by consultants and engineers.

With vast experience of processes in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical plants worldwide, William Bridges appreciated high quality maintained in upstream & downstream industries of Asian countries such as India, China, and Saudi Arabia.

The presentation was highly interactive with quality questions and rich answers corroborated with live industrial examples. Attendees were subject matter experts in EHSS, Root Cause Analysis, Process engineering and Reliability from SABIC, SATORP, Ma’aden, Chevron, Chemanol, GE, Honeywell, Binzagr-Leser, NBC, and GAS.
Leaving no stones unturned for the seminar to be a success, Jubail chapter President Eng. Tasneem Akhtar contributed his eminent role. Citizenship and devotion were witnessed from the presence of the Yanbu chapter Ex-President, Eng. Mohammad Khader to this very seminar.

Master of Ceremony, Eng. Syed Faraz sought to manage the program welcomed by Eng. Aabid Husain. Eng. Neyaz Kauser Siddiqui thanked the speaker, all attendees for their enthusiastic participation, and IEF EXCOM members Eng. Nasiruddin Ansari, Eng. Syed Faraz, Eng. Aabid Hussain, Eng. Mohammad Lateef, Eng. Sachin Gadkari, Eng.Ghulam Qayyum Siddiqui. He specially thanked IEF-KSA chairman Eng. Aamir Khan, and DTM Jameel Akhtar for their persistent guidance.

Prominent engineers among the attendees were Jameel Akhtar, Ravi Kumar, Mahesh Murthy, Mohammed Khader, and Neyaz Kauser. They were full of appreciation for the event as being of paramount knowledge & experience sharing.
Networking dinner after the presentation served as an active platform for Jubail region plant end-users for exchange of best practices in their respective super specialties.


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